Naam Thai Food (I.), Fresh Market – Bratislava (SK)

Naam Thai Food, Rožňavská 1A, 831 04 Bratislava

To be honest, Fresh Market is one of my favorite places in Bratislava. After they moved from ’Old IKEA’ to this new building, we can observe minimalist industrial architecture and inimitable atmosphere. On the ground floor a traditional food market meets a classical market hall, where we can find bakery, beer-shop, butcher shop, pastry shops, bio stores etc. On the gallery floor there are approx. 25 small restaurants varying from Asian, Indian, Italian, street food, to classical Slovak dishes. Usually we like to try new things, but this time we had a guest from abroad, so we went straight to Naam Thai Food to be sure all of us will be satisfied.

For appetizer I ordered a Thai soup called ’Tom Kha Gai with Chicken’ – if I remember well. Actually, I was asking for ’any kind of Thai soup’ and the seller recommended this. It was strange for the first taste, but people are going to Asian restaurants because of unique taste experiences. I had the same case when I tried the traditional (czech/o)slovak soup ’ držková’. First, when I heard this soup is made from the stomach of cattle (tripe) I refused it. Then I gave it a try but it still was not my favorite, for the third time, I realized I like it. So, back to ’Tom Kha Gai’, it was rather interesting than delicious, but I’m sure I will give it a try later.

Green Curry + Red Curry

For the main course I asked for Green Curry + Red Curry with Rice. Side dishes are usually rice or noodles and at Naam Thai Food you can choose two main courses so I picked green and red curry. I’ve already tried the green one before, it’s really spicy, characteristic you can either love it or hate it.

While eating at Fresh Market you can follow the people around. Occasionally, special events are organized (for instance on the weekends around 6th of December there is a Santa for the kids). The whole idea of Fresh Market is to purchase bio and fresh food from local farmers, have a lunch and enjoy the civilized conditions – it’s not even cold during the winter! As an advantage, I can mention the huge capacity of the parking area, but don’t try to find any place next to the entrance, park your car at the neighboring police office and take only a minute walk. As a disadvantage, you will experience that weekdays after 4 PM most of the dishes are sold out, just like on Saturdays when Fresh Market closes at 2 PM and on Sundays it’s not even open.

The main indicators are the following:
– Quality of the meal/taste: 7/10
– Service/staff: 7/10
– Price/value for money: 8/10
– Place/atmosphere: 9/10

Verdict: People, please go to Fresh Market and try the restaurants. Naam Thai Food is not luxury, it’s reasonable (and affordable). You can have a full meal (soup & main dish) for around 8 EUR and the portion is really enough (for me).
[Valentino Scugnizzo]


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