Patrónsky Pivovar (I.) – Bratislava (SK)

Patrónsky Pivovar, Brnianska 57, 811 04 Bratislava

On our first documented restaurant review we visited Patrónsky Pivovar, a lovely beerhouse I knew earlier. They are offering excellent ‘handmade’ beers from smaller breweries, and we tasted their seasonal offers, courses made from veal meat.
I ordered ‘Veal paprikash with buttered dumplings’ (Teľací paprikáš s maslovými haluškami) and my wife ordered ‘Veal shashlik with crushed potatoes and chive dressing’ (Teľací špíz s pretláčanými zemiakmi a pažítkovým dressingom). For beverage we just ordered the traditional Slovak Kofola which was perfect, I recommend for almost all meals. The atmosphere was really good, the place has a lovely design, ideal for a beer-house.

However, we were a little bit disturbed by the noise caused by the kitchen door which was creaking, and the staff was organising the cutlery right next to us quite loudly. In such circumstances we felt the 25 min. preparation time of the food a bit longer but the waiter quickly took our order saved the situation and we got our dishes on time. The Veal Paprikash was well cooked, really crispy and soft, however the dumplings were a bit flavorless, it should be stirred with the sauce. The shashlik was medium baked, more and more pink from the edge. For my wife it was a little bit chewy, but we have to admit this was not the chef’s fault, steaks or in this case shashlik can be cooked medium-rare and if we consider this the chef did a great job.  The ‘California’ pepper and the bacon between the veal pieces created a wonderful flavor, what we were dipping in the fresh chive dressing and all in all both of the meals were excellent.

Regarding the 7,90 and 11,90 EUR for the meals we can rank this place somewhere among the average priced restaurants in Bratislava. As an advantage, I can mention that the staff can speak English (as far as we heard), and as a disadvantage I should point out the uneasy parking in the area.

The main indicators are the following:

  • Quality of the meal/taste: 7/10
  • Service/staff: 7/10
  • Price/value for money: 7/10
  • Place/atmosphere: 7/10

Verdict: People, please go to this lovely place, it’s perfect for larger (even 25-30) company, you will have a nice experience and don’t miss to try the unique beers.

[Valentino Scugnizzo]


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